Glasshouse Crop 2022

Seeds Sown in rockwool trays in electric propagator on 27th march

Seedlings showing on 30th March

I grew these on on my windowsill in large 19 litre aluminium catering trays. Terra Aquatica TriPart plant food: 1 ml/litre each of Grow, Micro and Bloom.

Growing Phase

Planted out in my glasshouse on 24th April. Bucket size is 25 litres and the “soil” is perlite.

Watermelons (left) and melons (right)

1.8 ml/litre of Grow, 1.2 ml/litre of Micro and 0.6 ml/litre of Bloom for the growing phase. The drip system is on a timer and runs 3 times a day: 07:00, 14:00 and 19:00. I also run an air pump for 15 minutes before and during the watering to aerate the water in the tank.

The plants grew like crazy. The cucumbers were showing flowers on the 10 May.
Changed the feed mix to pre flowering: 2 ml/Litre of Grow and Micro, and 1.5 ml/litre of Bloom.

Cucumber flower. Leaf showing damage, I removed it.

First cucumber on 26th May.

Flowering and fruiting phase

Food ratio changed again to 0.8 ml/litre of Grow, 1.6 ml/litre of Micro and 2.4 ml/litre of Bloom.

lots of cucumbers 9th June. 10cm long.
Watermelon Mini Love 9th June. 5 cm diameter.
Melon Pipito 9th June. 5 cm long.

Tomatoes (Gardener’s Delight) are on their third truss although none have ripened yet. The Padron peppers are just starting to flower

Glasshouse Crops

Dutch bucket system

I’m growing cucumbers, melons, padron peppers, tomatoes and watermelons this year.

I decided to use soil-less media (perlite) with an automatic watering system. The pots are 25 liters, the overflow pipes are 15 mm pex and the return pipe is 50 cm plastic pipe.

Pot and water/feed tank

I lined the pots with a generous amount of gardening fleece to contain the perlite and also to make it easier to remove at the end of the season.

The silver container is a 100 liter plastic storage box which is painted black to keep out the sunlight to stop the water going green. The silver layer is insulating sheet to keep the water warm at night and cool during the day, it also reduces the light.

The water tank has a submersible garden pool pump that pumps water though the blue hose. Water lines come off the blue hose for each pot and the water is delivered to each pot with drip lines.

pot showing perlite and drip lines

The tank also has an air pump to aerate the water and an aquarium heater to keep the water at 20 degrees C on cool nights.