Search all GPOs for String

$String = “Whatever you want to find”
$Domain = “contoso.internal”
$NearestDC = (Get-ADDomainController -Discover -NextClosestSite).Name
#Get a list of GPOs from the domain
$GPOs = Get-GPO -All -Domain $Domain -Server $NearestDC | sort DisplayName
#Go through each Object and check its XML against $String
Foreach ($GPO in $GPOs)  {
Write-Host “Working on $($GPO.DisplayName)”
#Get Current GPO Report (XML)
$CurrentGPOReport = Get-GPOReport -Guid $GPO.Id -ReportType Xml -Domain $Domain -Server $NearestDC
If ($CurrentGPOReport -match $String)  {
Write-Host “A Group Policy matching “”$($String)”” has been found:” -Foregroundcolor Green
Write-Host “-  GPO Name: $($GPO.DisplayName)” -Foregroundcolor Green
Write-Host “-  GPO Id: $($GPO.Id)” -Foregroundcolor Green
Write-Host “-  GPO Status: $($GPO.GpoStatus)” -Foregroundcolor Green

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