Geodesic Dome Greenhouse


Now that I’ve moved back to the country I’ve got plans for all sorts of projects. The first one is building a Geodesic Dome Greenhouse from timber.


I’ve spent the past 6 weeks resarching

  • Sizes: settled on 8 meter diameter
  • Build: kit or DIY. Settled on DIY
  • Glazing struts: wood, plastic pipe or tubular metal.
  • Joints and Hubs: DIY hubs, off-the-shelf hubs, no hubs.
  • Glazing: triple-wall poly-carbonate, polyethylene,
  • Raised beds: materials, height, width.
  • Foundations: concrete piers, slab
  • Internal Paths: width, materials.
  • Insulation: north wall insulation types, ground insulation, glazing.
  • Orientation: door will face north.
  • Double doors: keeping drafts out.
  • Vermin control: keeping mice and other beasties out.
  • Passive heating and cooling: GAHT, thermal vents, thermal mass.
  • Direct heating: wood chip composting, wind turbines.
  • Wood preservatives: Leitrim is usually very damp , organic material rots very fast.
  • Wood working tools: table saw, mitre saw, digital protractors, staplers, screws, etc.
  • Wood Type and Sizes: Species, planed, rough, treated, suppliers.
  • Maintenance: Does the build allow to easily repair the structure and individual glazing panels.

I’ve settled on a hub system from Geosota in Russia. Plans have arrived, I’m waiting on the hubs.

To buy: planed 4 x 2, paint, concrete, rebar, post shoes.

Future: Polytunnel plastic, I’d like to get the bubble wrap stuff if possible. Maybe some polycarbonate. Insulation. Soil insulation.